James Gunn’s new DC project with Peacemaker

Long after the cast's list for James Gunn’s Suicide Squad was released, the DC enthusiast got excited to learn about the character Peacemaker getting his TV spinoff. Despite the delightful announcement of the new show in 2021, the details did not get revealed, but many anticipate the new project as it is the debut of John Cena as the latest DC character on HBO Max. John Cena is well-known for winning the world champion title sixteen times in the WWE. After many years in the wrestling world, Cena got into acting, and as of late, he has starred in several movie franchises, including Ferdinand, Trainwreck, and Bumblebee.
The project for Peacemaker was announced in September 2020 and tagged as a comedy-action movie. The story centers on a protagonist, that believes in the aspect of peace at all cost. The radical mindset is the catalyst that initiates the protagonist to take extreme actions to maintain and achieve peace. The release date of the show is not released yet. However, the fans are hopeful that Peacemaker would hit the theaters since its filming kick-off not too long after the first announcement. HBO Max also commented regarding the production date, confirming that the first season of the show's filming takes place in January. To obtain extra details please head to variety.com/2020/tv/news/suicide-squad-peacemaker-series-john-cena-james-gunn-hbo-max-1234780589/

Even though only a little information got released about Peacemaker, it speculates the first season of the series consisting of eight episodes. James Gunn himself took part in writing and directing. The latest project secures Gunn's ability as a director and writer, expanding his role as a creative pioneer in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC universe. Peacemaker is the second DC franchise television show that came to the HBO Max streamer platform.
An interesting detail of Peacemaker is that the comic characters are based on Batman's same universe, the upcoming film with lead actor Robert Pattinson. The adventure-filled comedy-action explores a man's rigid belief and divulge into the origin of the man who wants to maintain peace at any expense, including murder.
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